Is the Corona virus a message from the Creator?

According to reports, for the first time in years, the sky above some cities in China are clear. The canals around Venice are clean and dolphins have been sighted since tourism has declined in Italy.

Did the Creator allow the Corona virus to limit travelling and save our earth from climate change?

Also, in orthodox Judaism, Christianity and Islam the morality that dictates how believers interact is established. Only interact on a familiar level with parents, siblings, spouse and progeny. Thus, hugging and kissing strangers is taboo. Will the Corona virus now inspire orthodox behavior?

For years, Muslim woman were hassled for wearing the face mask. The Corona virus has ensured that across the world, the face mask is the norm.

Also, in Orthodox religion, dietary laws are prescribed.  As access to Kosher and Halaal declined, diseases that have never existed, now flourish. Swine flu, Bird flu etc. are all dietary based diseases.

My point is, humans are not designed to eat snakes, bats, spiders or consume blood. The Torah, Bible and Quran are guides where issues are clarified. Some things are impure for consumption.

The Corona virus, Swine flu and many other diseases arise because people refuse to listen. So, disease arise to destroy wholesale. We will all suffer, because those who know better, were too worried about hurting peoples “feelings”. Logic dictates that eating dogs, cats, rats etc. is unhealthy.

Humans must remember, we did not create this earth or ourselves. Also, the Creator created humans with emotional, spiritual and physical limits. When God guides, we either obey or suffer.

Perhaps, the Corona virus is simply a reminder that yielding to the Creator’s advice as echoed in the Torah, Bible and Quran is logical. Following logic has little to do with wanting to be religious or pious.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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