Religion is the opium of the masses

Ironically “Religion is the opium of the people” is a saying by Karl Marx the deceiver of nations who tried to remove spiritual values from society. Inspired by his fake ideology, millions died.

In South Africa, many who historically spoke for social justice, now live lavishly at taxpayers’ expense and former worker activists are now multimillionaires who drink European champagne. 

Today, we witness what happens when God and spiritual values are marginalized in society and when liars and frauds assume authority. Corruption and chaos replaces faith and mutual respect.

People are raped and killed and only the elite are safe. Crime increases as political and business leaders scheme to secure their corruption and nothing matters as long as a few can live lavishly.

Murder influenced by intoxicants rises, yet the sale of alcohol and drugs increases. Oddly, the only people who do not know who and where the drug dealers hide, are the law enforcements?

The Zuma era of governance did not help as young MPs spoke crudely and rudely to their elders.

The chaos that prevails in Parliament has flooded into society. When MPs physically and verbally abuse each other on TV for nearly a decade, what is the expected outcome? When those trusted with our democracy use the chance to enrich their families and friends with state tenders, respect for authority will diminish. Disrespect looms as nation building and social cohesion is exhausted.

To save South Africa, we must return to spiritual values. We must study spiritual texts regarding social and restorative justice. The Torah, Bible and Quran supports the death penalty for those who kill and harm and corrupt society. It is only the mercy of the Creator, that can save us now.

Since many of our politicians and business leaders are dishonest, they cannot stop corruption. A recovering alcoholic cannot stand in judgement of another drunk. Our politicians cannot see their own mistakes. Perhaps God has already sealed their hearts, mind and spirit to the truth. They waste time and money saying how hard it is to solve problems that they themselves created.

We need to get rid of useless politicians. South Africa is running out of time and the next election is in 2021. Remove the pathetic and stupid politicians when the time comes for genuine change.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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