Make America white again

Some time ago, Pres. Donald Trump stated that “Islam hates America”. I assumed, Pres. Trump did not know that Islam is a universal religious philosophy that predates colonial America by 1000 years.

Since Islam means peace and submission to the Creator, the submission is influenced by three primary texts’, the Torah, Bible and Quran. The Quran is also clear “there is no compulsion in faith”.

On accepting Islam, you are however governed by firm obligations. One duty obligates Muslims, [those who follow Islam] to pursue issues of justice. This duty is what Pres. Trump and his followers refuse to understand. The pursuit of justice leads Muslims into conflict with views which the western elite considers okay e.g. economic exploitation, military occupation, theft of resources, racism etc.

Since Islam innately seeks peace, it is not opposed to Judaism or Christianity. What Islam opposes is injustice and deception. The western elite when exposed, do not embody Judaic or Christian values. Similarly, Boko Haram and Islamic State did not and continue to fail to embody real Islamic values.

To most non-whites the “Western elite” denotes racism, imperial cruelty, deceit and humiliation.

Across the Muslim world, the British, American and European elite, support the Royal families who undemocratically impose their decree on the region. In return, the Royal elite shares oil profits with the western elite whilst local Muslims suffer. Thus, the royal elite directly benefit the western elite.

Human rights, democracy and issues like service delivery are irrelevant and only matter when the Arab royalty sustained by western elite, do not listen. Then conflict ensures and the western working class (white and black) are incited with rhetoric about threats to western civilization, freedom etc.

Iran was a “Western” ally when the Shah ruled and Iranian wealth went to the western elite. When the Ayatollah wanted to manage Iran’s economy, the Iranian people were rebranded terrorists.

For decades, Saddam Husain of Iraq worked for the western elite. He even fought Iran on behalf of the Arab Royalty and western elite. When Saddam became greedy, Iraqi’s were rebranded Islamic terrorists. So millions were killed by the western elite using the British and American working class.

When some oppress others for wealth, etc. the Creator affirms the oppressor as an enemy. Most conflicts in the Middle East are not religious and are designed to keep the Arab and western elite rich and the rest of us oppressed. Now, why would anyone go and fight for these godless elite.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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