Wickedness operates at the highest levels

Powerful people operate in two spheres, business and politics. The really powerful operate behind the scenes and prefer secrecy. Ironically, the agendas are similar and revolve around gaining and keeping wealth. More wealth and influence is vital and everything else is secondary to the powerful.

Thus, when challenging the powerful, the rival must be careful and intelligent as the powerful became dominant because of the ability to understand and utilize wealth and power effectively.

For decades I have warned about the ascendance of wicked people into positions of authority.

In the USA, the British Ambassador was forced to resign as he recognized Pres. Donald Trump as a man with psychosomatic problems. The Ambassador stated that Pres. Trump withdrew from the Nuclear Accord with Iran to “spite” former Pres. Barak Obama. When a President is prepared to engage in warfare where millions will suffer and die, to “spite” his forerunner, then he is a problem.

Equally, Jeffery Epstein the billionaire friend of Prince Andrew of Britain, was again arrested for sex trafficking of minors. Since this is not the first time, it is sardonic that some who helped Epstein escape justice, now sit in Pres. Trump’s cabinet. Another is a Professors of law at Harvard university.

Wickedness thrives until regular people fight back. Also, God fearing Jews, Christian and Muslims must stop wasting energy undermining each other and protecting villains within their communities.

Recently I wrote a letter critical of a “Muslim” businessman from the north who moved to the Cape. Although rich, the greedy “Muslim” allegedly sold guns to thugs which he received from a white cop.

Exposing a person from one’s community as a criminal is tricky as the mentality of shielding the communal reputation stems from resisting Apartheid. This thinking created some weird practices.

Having said that, centuries ago, Prophet Solomon asked God for a unique authority in human history. Before God acquiesced Solomon’s request, God informed Solomon that some local religious leaders practiced usury and others used black magic. So, Solomon needed to cleanse his realm first.

Our army is patrolling the streets of the Cape Flats. What is required, is that law enforcement inspect every habitat for stolen goods, weapons, drugs etc. Desperate times calls for desperate measures and I think that “the right to privacy” is superseded by the communal “need for safety”.

Also, anyone with info must utilize this chance to assist the law enforcers to prosecute the criminals. Criminals and those who protect criminals must find no sympathy. This is a rare opportunity to cleanse the Cape Flats and government must offer a reward for information etc.

If you are the President of a nation, a global billionaire, a businessman, a religious leader or a local drug dealer you must know that crime has a short life-span and that justice, now or later, is certain.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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