Media reports highlight stupidity

The Cape Argus June 26, 2019 highlights the depth of stupidity that some people in high ranking positions can attain and waste taxpayer’s money at the same time. The headline “Scarf charge spark fury” questions the reason to discipline a military woman for wearing a scarf. Perhaps our military people have so little work, once in a while they draw attention, by doing something really stupid.

Ironically, a few years ago, thugs broke into and stole guns etc. from the military base in Faure. Similarly, vagrants stole building material from the Military hospital in Wynberg. The inability to protect their property may imply that the military suffers from overall stupidity and in self-defense and as a matter of enigmatic pride have declared a “jihad” and a full attack upon an unarmed scarf? 

Equally, while our military people stand and sit looking important, foreigners cross our borders illegally as our border control is dubious. Currently, millions of illegal foreigners sit and stand on the streets of our nation forcing the Mayor of Johannesburg and the King of the Zulu’s to complain.

Seriously, do we not have enough jobless locals, must we allow unskilled foreigners into our nation?

While innocent folk are killed, the police are beaten as crime does pay while the police earn peanuts.

We are then told; the military cannot help the police as the military does not have the skills. If the police are stressed and military lacks skills, does that suggest, that the criminals have won?

On page 2 of the same Argus “Mbalula promises action” is insulting as “Mbalula promised action” as Minister of Police in 2017. He promised the military would help fight crime in the Western Cape and Gauteng’s townships. Minster Mbalula lied in 2017, no help came from the military or anyone else.

We are not at war with a foreign nation and since foreign criminals are operative in our townships, is this our new reality? Does resisting foreign criminals in our nation imply we are xenophobic?

Since 20 000 people were killed in 2017 and 20 000 killed in 2018 and 20 000 will be killed in 2019 are we engaged in a form of civil war? Is that not enough reason for the military to help stop the chaos.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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