Democracy or democrazy

The probe by the ANC into the role played by Ace Magashule and former Pres. Zuma in the creation of the ATM party is vital for the health of our democracy. The Luthuli House team led by Kgalema Motlanthe must probe where the money came from to support the alleged ANC subsidiary parties.

Voters need to know if operatives who engaged in corruption etc. do so for private benefit or if benefits accrue to their political organization? This would explain why some politicians and officials alleged to engage in corruption etc. enjoy party political protection and are in truth untouchable.

Since major political parties refuse to open their books, obviously the political tricks will continue.

Rumors in Council suggest that “Good” and “Al Jamaah” political party may both have asked help from the ANC for their 2019 campaign. If this is true, what accountability will ensue when big parties own small parties? Will our democracy, built on the misery of millions of suffering people become a “fake democracy” built on trickery?

If political operatives steal taxpayer’s money to buy themselves luxury cars, houses etc. it is a crime. When operatives steal from taxpayers to hijack a democracy by buying small parties etc. to control democratic process, what kind of crime is this and what does this mean for sustainable democracy?

Example, what happened to the ESKOM leaders who paid R600 million in excess to consulting firm Trillian? Is anyone going to jail? What happened to the contractors who benefitted from Nkandla, do they continue to receive state contracts after abusing taxpayers on behalf of former Pres. Zuma?

What happened to the money that was originally budgeted to rebuild Winnie Mandela’s house in Brandfort in Orange Free State? Why does it cost R4 million and take 15 years to repair a RDP house that the Apartheid state built less than R40 000? Also, what happened to the R300 million that was budgeted for Nelson Mandela’s funeral in the Eastern Cape and who stole the money?

What is the value of voting when political operatives steal public money without fear of the results and then possibly use that same money to buy elections? Are voters really that gullible?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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