Spirit of election

Now that the dust has settled around the 2019 National elections, introspection is required.

While it is not wrong rejoicing a political victory (provided it is sensible), caution is required.

All sacred text considers the pursued of power, as an onerous duty and something to avoid.

When most Prophets were initially given the obligation of leadership by the Creator, they were hesitant as they understood the responsibility. They grasped that they would be held answerable.

Today, religious and political leaders, the leaders of our times, fight and argue for leadership. However, few understand that this specific leadership has divine implications and penalties.

When you ask people to vote for your party and they obey, you must fulfil your promises as your words are linked to your soul. If you ignore your own promises, you are looking for serious trouble.

Sages across the ages have warned against seeking leadership unless you able to benefit others.

Example, those who promised to return citizens back to District 6 must know that those promises are connected to their souls. Those liable for justice in our nation must know that the 20 000 people that will be murdered this year as was murdered last year and the year before will have justice in this reality or the next. Those who promised poor people jobs and housing, will be held accountable.

With power comes responsibility and since life is short and divine justice is inevitable, those going to parliament must know that this election is more than just their petty ego’s and financial well-being.

Politicians have made many promises and now they must fulfill them or suffer the consequences.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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