Death penalty is justified

To critics who oppose the death penalty, consider the reported actualities.

According to reports, South Africa has 243 prisons with about 160 000 inmates and 16 000 serving life sentences. Ironically, 2 million South Africans go to bed hungry every night while killers and rapist get 3 meals daily and has free medical and dental care, housing etc.

In 2018 more than 20 000 were murdered. In 2017 about 20 000 people were also murdered. The 160 000 prisoners are not equal to the murderers of the past decade and most killers remain free.

The Argus 22nd Feb. reported on crimes where one report explained a specialized crime where locking the man in the car boot and raping the female was the plan. Another article clarified how 3 youths specialized in attacking and robbing folk on the Muizenberg beachfront. On 19th Feb. the Argus detailed the murder spree of a Zimbabwean who killed 6 people along the Southern Cape.

It is evident that criminals have limited conscious and crimes are strategic. Example, when criminals rapes a woman when her husband is locked in the car boot, it suggests a sadistic cruelty? Reports infer that this modes-operando ensued several times before they were caught. Envisage walking along a beach or around an idyllic Southern Cape town only to be attacked, beaten for a few Rands.

It is statistically evident that a minor percentage of violent criminals are in prison and the majority of criminals roam free as South Africans continue to lose faith in our law enforcement and judiciary.

Those who oppose the death penalty especially for violent criminals oppose divine justice as dictated by the Creator and explained in the Torah, Bible and Quran and are in truth, enemies of humanity.

Politicians, lawyers and those who protect, defend and hide the crimes of associates, supporters etc. must know that they will be held liable for their activities and they will not escape judgement.

Society has a divine, God given right to safety and security. Ironically we also pay taxes for the right to safety and security. Yet, 20 000 South Africans are murdered annually, where is the justice?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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