Bumpy start to 2019

The year 2019 is off to a bumpy start. South African drivers were determined to drive intoxicated and injure and kill during the holidays. The Clifton beach narrative suggested to the world that South Africans are uncivilized and unable to manage conflict without slaughtering animals in public spaces. Black beach goers screamed racism, white residents claimed self-defense against crime.

Without any shame, Eskom announced a huge increase in the price of electricity. At the same time, some towns in our province claimed that the drought had inflicted damage of biblical proportion.

As school restarted, some unwise teacher posted a classroom picture on the parent group chat where black kids sat separately from white kids. While logic suggests that no teacher with racist intend would post such a picture, all hell broke loose in any case. The SGB suggested that racism was not intended but rather, the black kids were weaker in English and required special attention. Some media reported that the kids were more calm midst their own.

Who knows what the truth is?

After 10 years as a SGB Chairman of a primary school, I was aware of practices at various schools that may seem prejudice. Example, some teacher’s separate learners by ability. Thus those weak in Math’s would be in a different class from those who are strong. In some classes weak learners sit in front and in other classes, naughty learners sit closer to the teacher for easier monitoring. Some years ago, a principal separated the girls from the boys as that specific year the boys were too hormonal which created needless problems. After these boys graduated the problem left with them.

Since nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is vital for parents to note that each school has a Principal, a governing body and a school management hierarchy via which problems must be resolved. When we reduce everything that we think, we hear and see to our emotional constructs without genuine proof, chaos will result as any parent then regards themselves as revolutionaries.

As parents we must remember that teaching, like nursing and police work is thankless work that has limited financial rewards. Thus we must not jump at every chance to annoy those who do this work.

We must also be aware that it is an election year and that devious, selfish politicians without integrity will use any opportunity to grandstand and will use racism as a weapon.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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