One of the main difference between good and evil is the reality that humans become tired of doing good but those who engage in evil activities are much more determined to continue wickedness.

Since the beginning of human history, some humans have used wickedness to oppress others.

The oppression has many methods and strategies and has over time evolved into a science where a few use various approaches to reduce others, into various forms of subjugation.

One reason why the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sent so many messengers and guides to humanity was to warn about the wicked people and the tactics they used to oppress others.

Example, long before there were drugs like “Tik” and so on, alcohol was used to minimize others.

In the time of Prophet Noah, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammed, alcohol was a problem and a method used to enslave others. Similarly, for centuries during Apartheid, on a massive scale, black people were induced and kept captive with alcohol. Equally, to access the wealth and ruin the social stability of China, about two centuries ago, the British government flooded China with Opium.

The point is – those who engage in wickedness and oppression have not changed much with time.

Historically and currently, the City of Cape Town continues to have massive problems with alcohol use and abuse. The problems are financially incalculable as the impact on society is so far reaching that it could be compared to a low scale civil war. Everyday people are killed and property is stolen or ruined by intoxicated criminals. Often in court, the main defense from the criminal is that “I cannot remember as I was intoxicated”. Thousands of families are ruined annually by drunk drivers.

Ironically, while all this chaos ensues, the local Department of Education is determined to allow the sale of alcohol at schools. Oddly some people, insist that restaurants, shebeens, drinking at home and in the street is not enough, they want to drink at school and now talk about freedom of choice.

The excuse is that alcohol sales will surge fundraisers. Thus, if “we” get “them” drunk “they” will give more money for education”. How can this be logical in a society with so much alcohol linked harms?

Does it matter that we have the highest fetal alcohol syndrome on earth in Cape Town, do we really need more alcohol outlets and drunks on the road?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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