Democracy and the rain

At the Azzavia Mosque in Walmer Estate the Sheikh made a curious statement on Friday. In a nutshell, he explained that when a person speaks truth that person must be prepared to be vilified. If a truth speaker is fragile and cannot handle the denigration it is better to remain silent.

Ironically those who speak truth become targets because those who seek to spread falsehood and deception fear the truth and thus desire to silence the truth.

Example, recently in Russia, so-called democratic elections were held where President Putin won a 4th term. The problem with his winning is that no-one is permitted to stand against him for fear of actual violence and financial ruination. The current elections in Egypt has exactly the same problem. Challengers get threatened and realize that democracy is often not free or fair. Sadly, the genuinely elected President of Egypt, Morsi remains imprisoned whilst the pretense of democracy prevails.

In the USA, the media has done more than in any other nation to suggest that President Trump did not win fairly. First it was the “Russian connection” where it is alleged that Putin’s people rigged the election. Currently “Facebook” is blamed for swaying voters on behalf of the Trump campaign. Ironically, while Pres. Trump maybe immature and a megalomaniac, he was the people’s choice.

Across most of the world, people are denied democracy as tyrants abuse challengers. Ironically, in South Africa where we have the freedom to vote at many levels, most people choose not to do so.

As I write this letter, most schools are struggling to attain a quorum to host school governing body elections. Often a quorum is not met and another date is set. Parents who complain the most are absent where change can be initiated. Capetonians who love to complain, avoid any gathering that requires volunteerism. The Community Police Forum, Ratepayers Association and School Governing Body meetings etc. are avoided like a plague. Most locals do not know the name of their Councillor.

It is obvious why wickedness prevails in the world. It is mostly the depraved, selfish and corrupt who seek and secure authority and influence to enrich themselves and oppress others. Sadly, it is the ignorant who support the wicked into authority. Ironically, those who seem righteous, sit at home and watch television, wondering why the angels do not descend from heaven to fix the wicked.

Is it not obvious, why God is withholding the rains?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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