The surge in the cost of living is not going to slow as we enter 2017. In truth, troubles will worsen.

The rise in the price of water and electricity is certain, as the resource becomes less available. The increasing price of food, petrol, school fees and just about everything else is perpetual. So, while big business exaggerates its massive margins, the quantity of poor people increase. Sadly, the national governments social welfare project cannot sustain this perpetual demand.

Our exports which are mostly our mineral wealth is on the down low as China readjusts its economic needs and opens up added trading with the rest of Africa. The gateway to Africa is no longer South Africa as China builds railway lines and roads across Africa to fulfill its own need for raw materials.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, in the USA where the value of our currency and assets are determined, “America wants to be great again”. For the USA to be great, it implies that other nations must be reduced. So, we will remain choked by ratings agencies whose main job is to keep us minimized.

Our political leaders have shown their partial interest in governance as they prefer playing ping-pong with our economy and each other. When Pres. Zuma played musical chairs with Finance Ministers, R50 billion disappeared. Act 11, will Pres. Zuma defeat Minister Pravin Gordhan or vice versa, cost us another R50 billion? Rumors of ANC and State capture and the race to “who wants to be a billionaire is on”. Likewise, construction firms who admit fault to stealing billions from taxpayers during the 2010 World Cup receive a stern talk and a minor fine in comparison.

Every Friday at mosque like on every corner in the suburbs there are people begging. Since our borders are non-existent, anyone from Bangladesh or Nigeria can swagger into South Africa. We now have a global mixture of beggars and street wise criminals which surges the odds on urbane crime.

Our homegrown drug dealers are jobless as foreigners sell quality drugs cheaper and deliver for free.

While all this ensues, we are running out of water in Cape Town and South Africa.

Some spiritual people say that God has distant his mercy from our nation because of the corruption and vast depravity that consumes our society. We kill babies and call it abortion, we want to kill old people and call it euthanasia while we protect killers and drug dealers with a mass of legal statute.

Secularists argue climate change and global warming. While this may be true how does that help us?

Others say that there are too many people in our country that do not belong. They must return to their places of origin. Since we have zero to do with the self-inflicted conflicts and the corruption raging across Africa and elsewhere, why must we struggle with the fall-out of there stupidity.

While regular people worry, Pres. Zuma and his Gupta friends plan to party along with Beyoncé and other global stars. They move around unexplained billions while the taps run dry to the poorest.

In the words of the wise, charity begins at home and no extent of statute and words of empathy can produce a cup of water. Our nation need quality leaders urgently who will focus on our local needs.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress[ct_leading][/ct_leading]

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