Councillor work is not always easy and interacting with a diversity of people makes the practice that much more interesting. Councillors often engage people that are difficult and occasionally impossible.

A regular inquiry involves people who want to know why they must pay for water when God sends the rain for free. I always reply that, while God does nurture creation, it is the municipal workers who dig trenches, lays pipes and cleans the water. Thus the receiver of that water must pay for the work done.

It is thus vital to identify some Councillors who stand head and shoulders above others to fulfil their duty and respond in a manner that is considerate and with dignity under often stressed conditions.

In no particular order, once again JP Smith (DA) who is responsible for the safety and security portfolio is acknowledged for the sheer abuse that he experiences. JP works hard and then continues to be insulted in the most futile manner by those who have no better practical suggestions or plans.

Belinda Landingwe (ANC) a stalwart and champion in the Gugulethu surroundings are recognised for her years of commitment to her community. She always has a smile and something positive to add to the discussion. Her sheer humanity and temperance working with poor people must be recognized.

Brett Herron (DA) who is liable for the MyCiti bus project is recognised for his ability to respond to his constituency and to other Cllrs who have inquiries. Managing a few billion rand project amid constant criticism and verbal attacks is difficult. His skill to maintain demeanour under vexing conditions is recognised as the MyCiti integrated transport project requires a long term vision and an ability to stay the course even though the rebuke are deep and often unfounded.

Daniel Mphila (ANC) is an irritation in Council meetings as he constantly asks questions that often have little to do with the debate. However sometimes he asks questions that are vital and makes those squirms who seek to dupe Council meetings with meaningless words and content.

Earnest Sonnenberg (DA) who is liable for water, electricity infrastructure and cleansing is a man of many duties. He is recognised for having an effective staff that responds to inquiries from Cllrs and that he always has a smile and kind words to add. His dignity and gentle conduct is valued.

Luvuyo Zondani (ANC) survived a terrible criminal attack on his person a few months ago. For a cellphone, his attackers left him physical challenged but mentally alert. He is a champion of people living with disabilities and reminds us of how fragile and unsafe life is in our surrounding townships.

Mark Kleinschmidt (DA) is an altruistic person that has a great love for humanity and is not shy to express his thoughts and well-wishers towards others. He is a positive thinker that endeavours to find the good in others and refrains from seeking futile conflict. This makes him better than an average politician as he recognises the value in others regardless of religious, cultural or political links etc.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Ismail smile upon all South Africans for the New Year? May God bless our nation so that those who are genuine may rise to lead us towards a better collective future?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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