The election of Donald Trump is the best and the worse event that could have ensued in our time.

What was obvious from the start is that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton represent two sides of the same coin which is owned by the global elite. While Trump regards Muslims, Mexicans and anyone that is not white as a threat, Hillary has been in power for 40 years. She was there for both Iraqi wars, the invasion of Afghanistan, attacks on Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Libya and so many covert military actions. She spent 10 Years with Bill Clinton in the White House and a decade with Barack Obama. She was also a Senator for New York and before that with Bill as Governor of Arkansas.

Hillary Clinton possibly, has never done an honest day’s labor and befriended and enjoyed the support of some of the most degenerate people including Lady Gaga. While Trump maybe a horror, he has not yet shared in regime change or directed a foreign policy that has killed millions, globally.

The difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is that we know that Hillary has been complicit in killing millions. Trump may surprise us all by not going to war or killing innocents?

While the world waits, we must learn and accept that while democracy is not perfect it is better than the alternate systems that plague humanity. The problem arises when ignorant or angry people are given the vote to which they are entitled but then use that vote cruelly to punish the rest of society.

Example in our parliament we have actual hooliganism and outright anarchy ensuing. This is a result of a government that has allowed a few families to capture the state for their private benefit. The frustration of the people is obvious as those who benefit from their political connections lack shame and display their corrupt wealth for the poor to witness. This stupidity is so embodied, that they actually create television programs to show poor black folk how the kids of the rich black’s waste.

Ironically when poor black people revolt in disgust, the connected blacks are surprised? Had the connected blacks done their ethical duty and provided the poor black with a decent standard of living there would be less reason for violent protest. This is what Apartheid safeguarded, while blacks suffered the Apartheid state ensured that white person were cared for. In time when the poor blacks have little choice but vote for opportunistic alternatives that inspire anarchy, everybody loses.

Blaming colonialism and Apartheid has its limits and cannot always be used. Already the ruling elite and connected blacks must explain their input to the peoples suffering as blaming white’s for everything is wearing thin. The recent election testifies to this result.

Just like the rise of Donald Trump is the people’s response to the state capture of American politics, local people’s response is the decline of the ANC. Sadly the entire world will now suffer as Trump is an anti-environmentalist and a global warning denier. Locally we will suffer as those in authority lack the vision to save our nation, all in the interest of a few with limitless greed.

In the words of the wise, for the security of society, the middle class must govern if only to protect the poor from abuse by the rich.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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