Mass murder is predictable and often planned as most nations’ trains millions in the art of murder, retitled as military training. Often the USA and its allies like Britian, France and others who train killers send them across the globe to murder and terrorise mostly innocent civilians. Their imperial mission is to protect their material interests even if this obliges supporting undemocratic and despotic regimes.

Since humans were not created with the natural instinct to murder, training in the methodology of murder will inevitably have infinite wicked results.

Peace and prosperity is possible when hostility is amicably resolved with civilized resolutions and when wealth is shared fairly. This seems unlikely at this point in history. Thus the least we can do is to identify and hold those liable who inspire suffering and inequality.

For example, if the USA and its allies did not destroy Iraq twice, ruin Afghanistan, instigate war in Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt etc would there be a need for an Arab exodus to Europe? If Europeans did not exploit Africa and support corrupt leaders, would there be a need for Africans to flee Africa?

Ask the millions of Africans or Arabs migrating if they would prefer British or American imperialism or the corrupt octogenarian regimes currently ruling Africa. Are these genuinely our only choices?

Globally people want to be governed by righteous leaders who do not enrich themselves or create conflict but generate prospect and security, peace and justice for all people under their rule.

In the words of the wise, is this genuinely too much to ask as humanity heads into the 21st century?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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