I want to thank the Cape Times for the insert which dealt with sugar craving and heart problems.

In the past month, 4 associates that I know have suffered heart ailments. The problem is that all 4 are in their mid-forties and it seems as if the common factor are stressful work situations as exercise is part of their lifestyle. The point is that stress can cause harm specially if we work with difficult folk.

The issue of sugar being added to everything is a vital concern as food companies hire scientists to actively create product that are addictive. We need the media to remain vigilant and warn regular folks about the false promises and often lies that some food companies market about their products.

Taxpayers spend billions on health care for everyone while some businesses actively create products that acerbate health problems. Since I do not agree with anymore taxes which are later lost via corruption, what is required is in-depth investigation of businesses that slow poison their customers.

Some time ago, the Cape Times reported on the unjustifiable increase in bread pricing. What is vital is for the media to continue probing the collusion of food companies with the hiking of food prices.

A sugar tax that will later be spent on fruitless government activities also does not help.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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