For months, even before his election, I supported USA President Donald Trump.

I thought that as a wealth, industrious, white male that enjoyed a legacy of privilege he would be less corrupt and make ethical decisions when required. I defended him even when CNN, BBC and global media sought to end Trump with the “Russian connection” which is proving to be fake news.

Since elected Pres. Trump has gone out of his way to prove that he has the maturity of a child. Trump is unable to see climate change while the western USA is consumed by fire and the east coast is drowning under hurricanes. Trump seeks confrontation with Iran while Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and several Muslim majority states rage under the chaos created by the USA. Innocent people are dying by the thousands and refugees are created by the USA support of cruel regimes. Europe is over-run by those seeking shelter from the hell-fire that reigns down via hi-tech drones which is activated from a secure distance.

At the same time, the global media is deceitfully horrified by the predatory actions of Harvey Weinstein as if sexual favors and depravity is not the currency within the film, television and music industry. Logic suggests that there are millions of gifted performers globally, yet only a handful “succeed”. Prostituting yourself entirely has always been the trademark of the showbiz industry. That is why, during every showbiz competition, the judges always ask, “what will you do to win”. The answer by the foolish contestants are always the same “anything”, which is what the judges want.

Weinstein may be a sexual predator and a likely danger to society, but he is certainly not the only one within Hollywood or the global entertainment industry. Instead of opening up the depravity that is the soul of the American cultural identity, Harvey Weinstein is the scape-goat to be sacrificed at the altar of depravity and hedonism that defines American cultural imperialism.

Recently, Pres. Trump while addressing the Arab puppet leaders stated that the USA will no longer force its culture and values on other nations. Was he talking about democracy or Hollywood?

In the words of the wise, we are living in a world where values are twisted to service the interests of the depraved ruling elite and the defense of the innocent against abuse has become a crime.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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