When is media bias, propaganda?

After the Taliban forced the USA and its allies to flee, the media propaganda war went into full swing. On BBC and CNN, woman’s rights in Afghanistan was the whip with which to beat the Taliban.

The USA and its allies, forcefully occupy many nations. From Japan, across the Middle East and the South Pacific Islands, the USA and its allies have armies. The media rarely talk about the results of hosting thousands of soldiers across the world. Example, the USA and allies transport prostitutes to feed the sexual needs of their armies in the Middle and Far East. In Korea and Vietnam, American values of buying sex was uncommon, the US military generated prostitution on an industrial scale.

Almost every year, more than 20 000 sexual attacks are recorded by USA soldiers on each other.

In traditional societies where sex is limited to marriage, the rape of Iraqi’s by US and British soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison and torture and rendition to Guantanamo Bay without trail, remains unsolved? Can we imagine how many Muslim women the USA and its allies raped in Afghanistan and Iraq etc.

British colonialism ended for the same reason. The British soldiers were molesting Afghan women.

Consider this truth, originally, the Taliban was created because the Russian Mafia and their Afghan collaborators who owned the opium field of northern Afghanistan were raping and enslaving locals.

The students, which is what Talban means, asked their teachers for help as the raped women were sisters, mothers and daughters of students. The feuding warlords refuse to unite to fight the Russian mafia. The Taliban responded by hanging the Russian mafia from nearby trees. This is how the jihad originally began The same warlords fought the Taliban to keep Afghanistan a gangster state and cooperated with the invading Americans and allies to keep the opium flowing. The USA did not invade to save woman, they came for the opium and emeralds and the rare earth minerals etc.

CNN and BBC must crusade against the hundreds of thousands of woman that are groomed into prostitution for the flesh markets of Europe and America and for the occupying armies. Report on the rape of the innocent Afghan woman by the American, British and Australian armies etc.

The “West” knows that in tribal societies, rape is a crime that is often hidden. An invading army will not be held liable. Where is the justice for these woman, where are the reports from CNN and BBC?

Where is the outrage for woman’s rights and the millions of orphans created by the unjust wars?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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