Ratepayers must be respected

The constant invasion of land is a serious problem.

While our history of dispossession is contentious it cannot be a catalyst for chaos. What is unfolding in many urban areas is absurd. For economic growth and a future where job creation is possible, logic must prevail. While the opinions for and against land dispossession has validity depending on which side of the fence you sit, land invasion cannot be condoned.

To gain political support, some politicians are actively inspiring land invasion This action must be condemned. If it is allowed to continue then South Africa becomes a “banana republic” where the rule of law is a joke and influential but despotic leaders will lead us down a path of self-destruction.

There are enough examples of this chaos across Africa, South America etc. from which millions flee.

Example, local homeowners in affluent suburbs pay exorbitant rates and taxes to enjoy their milieu. This income is used by the authorities to sustain the poor. This includes building affordable housing, parks, schools, health and community facilities like halls, libraries etc.

Without the affluent ratepayer, the poor would suffer. Thus an understanding exists with those who pay rates and the municipality. The municipality must protect the milieu of the ratepayer in return for rates. Rates are not an act of charity or altruism; it is payment for services.

When individuals appear and build shacks anywhere and everywhere it is the overall responsibility of the municipality to protect the interest of the ratepayers who pays to live in that specific milieu.

If the municipality fails, ratepayers have the right to question what value they receive from elected Councillors and highly paid officials.

To those who are undecided about land invasion, visit Capricorn across from Marina da Gama. Ask the legitimate colored and black residents what they think about the foreigners and local land invaders. Then ask the ratepayers of Marina da Gama what they think of the rapid crime increase?

So, when “others” like the” law courts and human rights activists” muddy the waters by interfering with the duty that the municipality has towards its ratepayers, we have a problem.

We must ask, in whose interest does the law courts and activists work? Who voted for them and were the affected ratepayers represented when their interests were decided.

Why does the rights of squatters and land invaders supersede the rights of rates and taxpayers?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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