Abrahamic epistemology surmises that the Creator has no reason to harm his own creation.

Humans suffer because we harm ourselves and each other. Using this analogy regarding state capture and the financial losses at most parastatals, the answers is obvious. For years, those in charge at the SABC used taxpayer’s money as if money was limitless. People who made a partial input were promoted and billions were paid in salaries while the content quality of the SABC declined. The SABC cannot post a license card to its paid up subscribers. Currently a 1000 SABC employees must now be fired as those in authority wasted billions and they were in truth, useless.

The same logic applies at South African Airways (SAA) where 16 turn-around strategies in 20 years created more problems. In both cases, some of those liable for the chaos left the SABC and SAA. However, many stupid people who know little about managing a business remain in charge.

The question: what does the two examples have in common. The answer is former Pres. Jacob Zuma.

At the SABC the private imbongi (praise singer) of Zuma was former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng. At the SAA it was Dudu Myeni, former chairperson of SAA and alleged girlfriend of Jacob Zuma and the Executive Chairperson of the Jacob G Zuma Foundation since September 2008. 

Ironically nothing has or will happen to these two who ultimately drove two state parastatals into ruin and cost other people to lose their jobs. It helps to have political connections and no conscious.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

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