The Argus of June 14th was significant as it echoed intuitive thoughts by two ANC leaders whose struggle credentials are indisputable. Max Ozinsky “Fake liberals of the PFP supported apartheid’s war” page 15 and Tony Ehrenreich, “The way forward is to focus on what unites us” page 16 are necessary narratives as it permits access into the current thinking of ANC leaders in Cape Town.

Since I spent time inside the Democratic Party {DP} before the advent of the Democratic Alliance {DA} I was aware of some of Ozinsky’s claims. A favourite anecdote was that those, who supported the DP, secretly hoped that the National Party {NP} won in order to preserve race and class privilege.

While some of what Ozinsky and Ehrenreich argue might be true, it is not the purpose of this letter. What is important to note was the period when the ANC did govern this City and Province. Ehrenreich and Ozinsky were both leaders in the alliance. I recollect a problematic relationship between Mayor Normaindia Mfeketo and then Premier Ebrahim Rasool. The division within the ANC were so spiteful that Yusuf Gabru, the deputy speaker thought little of demeaning Rasool in the legislature. Ozinsky and Ehrenreich should consider why the ANC did not implement all the ideals echoed by Ehrenreich when they could? What happened to integration and why are locals still waiting to return to District 6?

History suggests that Rasool was repeatedly betrayed by his comrades. This was confirmed by Premier Zille when she identified some in the legislature of supplying the DA with information to undermine Rasool. This historic chain of events created by the ANC suggests that some of the success enjoyed by the DA is partly the result of the provincial ANC’s in-house campaign of self-destruction which continues today. Every failure of the ANC remains an automatic victory for the DA.

Ozinsky and Ehrenreich should re-consider what their role was and is, in the factional conflict that consumes the ANC? Did their actions not enable much of the rich white hypocrisy they now rally against?  Similarly, while they justifiably refer to the hypocrisy of liberals, why do they not speak of the communists and comrades who, relocate to the expensive suburbs to hobnob with white women.

While Ozinsky and Ehrenreich were struggle heroes, what society needs now are officials and politicians that do not steal. We also need the national government to establish law and order and to stop appointing cadres that cannot perform. Although the ANC gave us democracy, people cannot be bound to that gratitude for an indefinite period.

As Ehrenreich says, there are whites who want to maintain the privilege that Apartheid gave them. While this is true, how does saying that, help non-whites when the national government spends R100 billion on an Arms Deal, R50 billion on unsustainable stadiums and hands out billions to Mugabe, the King of Swaziland and so on.

Instead of spewing hatred and bitterness at rich white people, perhaps Ozinsky and Ehrenreich should make an effort to do some intelligent work. Example, investigate how many rich people made their wealth illegally. Tackle collusion and corruption in the private sector. Follow the illegal drug money trail from the Cape Flats into the suburbs and actually arrest, convict and sentence some-one.

Locally, vitalize your comrades to attend Council portfolio meetings from which they are absent. Encourage them to read the agenda’s so that they can partake in the discussion instead of waiting for lunch. Perhaps after you have done that, we can talk about the disaster that is the Eastern Cape.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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