Are humans alien to earth?

A scientist friend recently told me that he believed that humans are alien to earth. He clarified that, human’s do not eagerly integrate into the environs. We tend to destroy when equated to other wild life that try and adapt.

Example, animals kill to survive but rarely kill for pleasure. There is a symmetry in nature that allows each species to understand their interdependence. When a lion kills and eats, the rest goes to the hyena’s, vultures etc. Humans eat more than is needed and then dump the rest, classic selfishness.

Since having served as a School Governing Body Chairman at a primary school for 10 years and Deputy Chairman at a High School for 2 years I have been involved in the fee exemption processes for years. This allows a unique insight as to how people spend money.

In our society many people are “fake”. They buy cloths, visit eateries, buy homes and cars they cannot afford. Their income is below their expenses and they refuse to live within their income.

People often apply for school fee exemptions when their banking details reflect the full DSTV package, Netflix, Internet and online gaming purchases etc. Some people regard “fun” as a critical.

Some people insist that a full gym membership is vital to their health. In their reasoning, it is okay not to pay school fees but gym fees are vital. They are not prepared to jog around their suburb.

When liquor purchases equal the exemption request, one must consider the quality of the applicant. A man whined that his car was 6yrs old, but was quiet when I replied that my car was 20 years old.

My point is, many people in our society are wasteful but think their conduct is okay. As a result, schools that have worked for decades are buckling as newcomers arrive with destructive behavior.

Why send your kids to a school with traditions that work when your presence ruins that tradition? 

Also, whose job is it to educate those who lack common sense and cannot bear witness to how their selfishness impacts on others? For society to survive, we must expose those who regard selfishness as a virtue. Selfishness is the crux of so many ungodly dangers and it is increasing in our society.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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