Ask any therapist about child-rearing and they will highlight discipline and limits etc. In South Africa decision makers lack wisdom as they are unwilling to understand that “every cause, has an effect”.

Since we have questionable border control, anyone can enter South Africa. At local mosques beggars from across the globe seek charity. Economic refugees fleeing inept African regimes compete for limited resources, this “causes” conflict. The “effect” of poor folk with few skills adds to xenophobia.

Although we could blame officials for a lack of planning, when millions of uninvited foreigners flood into any nation, logic infers an increase in water and electricity usage etc. The point is, since we lack border control, we cannot manage our limited natural and material resources. Unsolved crimes will increase as criminals enter South Africa, rape, rob, kill and then escape “home” across the border.

For decades, politicians ignorantly used slogan like “A home for all and Africa for Africans”. Criminals from Nigeria, Congo and elsewhere accepted the “cause” and the “effect” was a mass exodus south.

Across South Africa reports regularly show frantic communities burning foreign businesses accused of selling drugs. Ironically our “leaders” wonder why drug addicts, crime and xenophobia increases.

The “State Capture Commission” has also released unexpected problems since regular folk did not grasp the extent of the corruption. Subtle racism will increase as some white people now have proof that black leaders generally cannot be trusted as many members of our parliament are involved with enabling corruption? Most blacks are also shocked at the scale of corruption and worry about the attitude of black leaders to the plight of black poverty. Decades ago at university, in political science lectures we were taught that black political corruption was colonial propaganda. The racist plan was to imbed the idea that blacks are innately deceitful with matters of politics and money. Now what?

Voters must insist that, like kids, politicians must have discipline which entails some morality and thus a belief in God. Politicians guilty of enabling corruption must be removed. If not, corruption will not stop. Voters must also insist on the death penalty. Ministers and officials unable to protect locals against criminals must be fired and allowed to seek a living elsewhere. If not, crime will not stop.

If this logic is ignored, our democracy is an exercise in futility and voting remains a comedy of errors.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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