Every creature shall know death and in a hundred years, our generation will be a distant memory.

Eons ago, envoys of God warned humans to “walk humbly upon the earth” as generations before has passed and they reverted to the earth as dust.

According to Abrahamic epistemology, millennia ago, some angels were upset by the arrogance, stupidity and disobedience of humans. The angels debated the issue and agreed on how insolent humans behaved. God in his mercy and supreme knowledge clarified that, if the angels were met with similar challenges that humans face, they may experience similar difficulty.

The angles asked God to allow them to descend onto earth to assist humans to return to God’s grace. For this purpose, two angels were granted human qualities. While the angels did good by teaching folk wisdom, according to the Jewish Midrash they succumbed to lust and fell from grace.

Recent media reports state that Mark Zuckerberg (CEO Facebook), Yuri Milner and Steven Hawking’s (Scientist) have come together to search for extra-terrestrial (alien) life near earth. China has already built a 500 metre Aperture Spherical Telescope to search for aliens.

Paradoxically, when regular people speak of angels and other creations of God, some people mock and taunt, but when rich people invest $100 million to find aliens, it is measured logical and science.

While I cannot objections, since it is not my money, one must consider what exactly is the agenda?

For example, centuries ago, God sent envoys with the Torah, Bible and Quran, yet many people refuse to listen to the divine logic. Some reject the notion of a supreme creator yet believes in alien?

What exactly are humans going to do when we do find the extra-terrestrial life? Are we going to kill them or enslave and exploit them as we do each other on earth? At our schools, educators and students battle over hairstyles and language, can we image if we uncovered aliens?

Since humans regularly kill for no reason, how do we explain Hitler and Donald Trump to an alien?

What about Jacob Zuma, how do we explain his election after Nelson Mandela. How do we explain why society seeks to rehabilitate fathers who rape their kids or that 17 000 people were murdered last year? How do we explain why adults sell drugs to kids so that the dealer can drive a luxury car?

The point is, besides belief in God, doing good and so on, our reason for existence is obvious. A sustained emphasis on establishing justice is why we are on earth.

What is equitable, what is judicious what is rational are key when it comes to housing, education, sharing resources and so on. If anyone lacks a sense of justice, then everything else is extraneous.

After epochs, human continue to struggle to value each other, what in Gods holy name do regular people think, Jacob Zuma, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will do when they find the aliens.

In the words of the wise, what will atheists say if the aliens are the same angels of eons ago?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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