Chaos is inevitable

A recent Argus headline suggested that vigilante activity is on the increase across South Africa.

Our law enforcement is in decline.

The inherent nature of our society has changed and social values has degraded. It started during Apartheid but took a sharp downward spiral during the Presidency of Jacob Zuma. Zuma inspired “State Capture” which allowed chaos at the highest levels. This organized corruption worsened issues at many institutions and this “original sin” will not end, until, genuine justice is instituted.

Since our political leadership remains soaked in corruption and maladministration etc. the overall integrity and value system of the nation will descend into despair and permeate every street corner. Example, learners were inspired to disrespect educators and vagrants and others that live on the periphery of society have become brazen. Criminality soars as despair grips regular decent folks.

The police through a myriad of new legislation has become so confused and indifferent that they grasped that it was better to become inactive. This scenario creates space for criminals who believe that when people can steal inside government then criminals can steal on the streets. Currently, we see vagrant squatting everywhere and they have lawyers that fight for this right to ruin a suburb.

Criminals disguised as homeless now have access to any suburb with the protection of legislation. Citizens that pay taxes and rates to peacefully live in a suburb, are bullied and have little recourse. Drug addicts loiter in the street and create a nuisance and nothing happens. They have legislation protecting their freedom of movement etc. The culture of Human Rights has been abused to favor criminals and those who threaten the calmness of our society whilst ordinary citizens are afraid.

In a society where the rights of ordinary tax and ratepayers are ignored and the rights of criminals are valued, the ordinary citizen will rise up. Vigilante activity is a direct result of the failure of the government to institute a just social order. Ironically we pay taxes for security and other services.

Those who support political parties that prompt corruption must know that they are to blame.

An election is upon us. Should you vote for a party that inspires corruption which is directly linked to a lack of services, you are to be blamed. Any just social order is built on a corruption free milieu.

Voting is about defining a future for ourselves. Logic and reason and not emotion is required

Those who base their vote on nostalgia and a romanticized version of reality must wake up.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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