Abrahamic epistemology which advocates the theory of knowledge as supported by the Torah, Bible and Quran has survived for millennia and will continue until the end of human existence.

The value of this is retained in its divinity and that the God of Abraham that created everything knows how failings and propensity for greatness. Since we all have faults and require regular guidance and a return to righteous values the current goings on in the local political realm is a typical lesson.

Example all the drama surrounding councillors being caught out fighting, harassing others, connection to criminality and so on are all values related issues. That the common excuse is always that “I have not been convicted in a court of law” is an ironic and disturbing pattern.

Equally while our President may not have been convicted in a court of law with regards to Nkandla the information available does not require a PhD to conclude the obvious. The many other scandals that he has managed to evade suggest a man that should never have been President to begin with.

Example many years ago before Zuma was president; he partook in a television advert that encouraged small families. There was even a lion and a hyena in the advert to emphasis the value of small strong families. Years ago the public should have witnessed the contradictions as Zuma was dishing out advice while he himself already had more than 20 children from several wives.

The point is that in this life you can do whatever it is that you want, but then you cannot complain when others hold you liable for your actions, especially if you assume a leadership position. By Abrahamic standards certain types of people are deliberately omitted from leadership of any sort. This includes thieves, murderers and criminals of all sorts and so on.

Recently many DA Councillors who partook in criminal activity years ago were exposed and their stories narrated in the media. How these persons evaded scrutiny for so long is a concern.

The point is that one of the many reasons why our nation is in such a deep social, political and ethical crises are because the wrong people are in position of governance at many levels of society.

Where are the decent people and why are they not in positions of power. Also how must we as a society improve our general condition if the wrong people are repeatedly voted into power?

Again while we are all sinners and God is most merciful, some standards must be applied. Please consider your vote this election and do not vote for the uneducated, the criminal or ethically compromised. Look beyond political party and campaign promises and study the persons history for whom you vote. If the wrong people get into power we will all suffer for another 6 years or more?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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