The media warnings by the USA with regards to Muslims, Ramadaan and visiting of local shopping malls must be considered a serious issue.

The hatred for Islam by the USA and its allies is obvious. The USA has done much harm in its attempt to alienate Muslims. The American plan of demonization is similar to what the Nazis did to Jews.

It remains a narrative of every American administration to ensure that a diabolical threat exists so that regular Americans are diverted from what their government is actually doing to its own people. It is the oldest trick in politic, distract with intent and then operationalise your other plan, whatever it may be.

Since its origin the American founding fathers were at war with some or other community.

Initially, they nearly wiped out the Native American with murder and starvation. The Native American then suffered captivity with the creation of the reservation or Bantustans. The Natives were then introduced to the dop system just like rural coloured and African people. The Native American today, continue to struggle with this destructive history much like our rural Coloured and Black people.

Then there were wars with France, Spain, Mexico, and Britian etc and also a continental war. In between, the enslavement and rape of Africans and people from the Caribbean was just business.

All this happened before the 1900’s. Since the Second World War the USA has overtly and covertly invaded and has gone to war more than 50 times.

Ironically, recently a court in the USA considered allowing Americans to sue Saudia Arabia for the 9/11 attack. If this is allowed, then why did the USA blame and invade both Afghanistan and Iraq?

The point is that, as regular people we must be vigilant when the USA issues warnings as this could possibly be a false flag situation.

The contemporary term false flag describes Covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

A similar warning “to fear Muslims” was issued when South Africa hosted the 2010 World Cup.

Ironically the warning impacts most on local Muslims as we are most at risk. Example, since Fasting in Ramadaan is compulsory for those able to fast, most ordinary Muslims use the opportunity shop. Shopping is regarded as a family activity as it absorbs a great deal of time. While it may not be proper to say so, during Ramadaan many youths who do not have the spiritual development of elderly people requires time to fly-by. Spending time inside malls requires less energy when compared to sports.

Since many parents buy clothing around Ramadaan, should anyone target malls around Cape Town, most victims would be Muslims. Thus local Muslim person would never support this outrage as the local Muslim community in its entirety is prone to nonviolence. Muslims has been instructed by the Holy Quran to react only when attacked as was the case with the killing of drug dealers a decade ago.

As Capetonians, Jews, Christian, Muslims and others, we must be guarded against outside elements who seek to bring their chaos into our world. We have seen what hatred and conflict can do. We need peace and progress not conflict and hatred.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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