The origin of most politics is deceit

The news about the USA sanctions on the Gupta family and their sidekick Salim Essa is ironic. While the Gupta’s and the corrupt must suffer, the belief that the USA cares about corruption, is laughable.

What is happening is obvious. Pres. Ramaphosa is moving South Africa towards the western sphere of influence and far-away from former Pres. Zuma’s trajectory, of China and Russia.

This was obvious when Goldman Sachs, the most powerful global investment bank visited Pres. Ramaphosa. Tito Mboweni was groomed by Goldman Sachs since 2010, to became Finance Minister.

Now the games begin afresh as Zuma is back in court and his corrupt history including the Arms Deal is revised. The Gupta family will be anxious in Dubai, (a key USA ally) and in India who needs US help in a volatile region encircled by tensions in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.

Pres. Zuma gave the BRICS bank R50 Billion without consulting any of us. He promised Russia a Nuclear Deal that was blocked and Zuma promised a fired Finance Minister a job at the BRICS bank that was an untruth. Ironically R50 Billion is the amount government needs to balance our books.

The winner is Pres. Ramaphosa as Zuma’s backers will soon witness a global backlash. We will all witness the subtle might of Pres. Ramaphosa as the many Commissions grind Zuma’s closest cronies.

Ironically, this is a reason why Mmusi Maimane is in trouble. When Mr. Maimane attacked Pres. Ramaphosa about the donation from BOSASSA, he was out of his league, but did not realize this fact.

While we could pontificate about the hypocrisy of the USA regarding the Gupta family and issues of corruption, there is no value in that. We must focus on what is best for South Africa. If that requires working around the American deceit, then that is, what must be done. Whatever reduces local taxes, the cost of living, electricity, water, rates and petrol etc. and creates jobs must be the focus.

Sadly, if the USA can help get back our stolen tax money from Dubai, India and elsewhere, then we must be grateful although we know that it is not built on principles. Beggars cannot be choosers.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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