On June 13th the Cape times published my letter “More income needed”. The letter discussed the increased traffic fines as well as the loss of revenue by the city thru its electricity savings campaign. While I have and will continue to support the ideals of responsible behaviour, it is ironic that reports cited the increase in traffic fines as a major reason for the burning of busses allegedly by taxi drivers.

The traffic income report summited to the Finance Portfolio Committee meeting for September 2014 reflected an income of R9 359 785 in July 2013 and an income of R16 814 252 for July 2014. That is a huge difference of R7 454 467 in that one month since last year. From April 2014 to May 2014 an extra income in traffic fines of more than R3 million was recorded.

While the allegations by the taxi industry may contain some element of truth, this does not give any citizen the right to vandalise public or private property or encourage rebellion against the municipality or any sphere of governance. The simple answer is for taxi drivers to obey the traffic laws like the rest of society and stop considering themselves above the law. When everyone obeys the laws there will be fewer accidents and fewer taxpayers monies wasted on 3rd party payments, hospitalisation and loss of life.

Behaviour change is required because society cannot permit a few individuals to dictate terms and conditions to the rest of society thru the continuous threat of violence. Those who consider violence and mayhem as an appropriate conflict resolution mechanism require psychological intervention.

In the words of the wise, no person enjoys paying traffic fines. However, if some citizens are unable to regulate their own behaviour, society must have methods to encourage self-discipline.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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