It is the duty of every human to think and decide for themselves. This is difficult in a setting where deceit and half-truths is a science. The main amphitheatre for this deception is the arena of politics.

While people can make a difference with the vote, the media must guide towards the truth so that voters can make informed choices as political games played can be unclear as lies often seem real.

Since party campaigning has begun I mention a few examples.

After two decades in government I resolved that there is little logic to the process how party election lists are made as it often evolves around factionalism and reinforcing support for leader’s higher-up.

Thus Councillors who have difficulty with municipal work serve on portfolios where they make no contributions for years.

The DA and ANC have similar styles where those who actually suck–up most to party leaders, will enjoy highest choice. Inside the DA like the ANC there is very limited place for freedom of expression, genuine ethics or even hard work – if the individual offends or hinders the desire of the party bosses.

Currently the proportional lists of the ANC and DA are well-guarded secrets. Should the lists be out, all hell will break loose as those who are out in the political wilderness will start “spilling the beans”.

Voters must have the chance to reflect after the beans are spilled. The campaign deceit and lies that is spewed by the DA and ANC must be tested. Who will know better than Councillors facing the boot?

What we know, thanks to the media is that both the DA and ANC have dealings with gangsters? We also know that their party campaign funding is coming from some very unsavoury characters. Also, together the ANC and DA wasted more than R50 billion on stadiums that will never be sustainable.

The media must insist the ANC and DA release the Councillor lists so that more truth can be set free.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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