In the global media, diverse comments on the conflict in North Africa and the Middle East are often published. Though many Jews, Christians and Muslims believe in the value of co-existence, there are many among us that do not. Those driven by hatred and greed meticulously study and plan how to distort history and reality to ensure their selfish vicious agenda. The problem is that those on the other side who seek fairness expect justice with limited effort as if justice can be attained without struggle.

Zionists like other fanatics, which includes some Muslim fanatics observe the world in a rigid manner. As a result, fanatics are generally unwilling to appreciate reality even when it is based on evidence. For example, “The Generals Son”, by Miko Peled whose father was a genuine Israeli military general describes how Zionists distort history and continually create fear among fellow Jews to ensure that co-existence among Arabs and Jews remain difficult. The book also clarifies how Arab dictators were influenced and how the Israeli pre-emptive military action of 1967 and other agendas are conspired.

“The power of Israel in the United States” by James Petras who is a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Binhamton University New York is a valuable read. Those who consider democratic governance as vital, should ask why the USA continuous to provide billions of dollars to an Egyptian military who recently ousted a democratically elected President Mursi. Genuine democrats must ask why the USA and most western countries and Arab royal families remain silent or supportive of Egyptian despotism.

Those who repeat the mantra that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East must be asked to explain why the Israeli political leadership since inception remains high ranking ex-military staff. Is Israel a military state with a veneer of democracy?  Zionists must explain why they initially, along with the USA supported Saddam Hoosain and every other Arab and African dictator including Apartheid South Africa? Is the fear of genuine democracy across Africa and the Middle East imaginary?

Those who condemn the insanity of Islamic State (I.S.) must consider from whom Islamic State received the massive quantities of American weapons? Only a fool will believe that the ammo was left behind by the Iraqi army. Those who support the campaign against the Islamic State should explain why I.S. uses similar military strategies that are taught at the US military academy, West Point?

Popular belief suggests that the Islamic State is staffed by radicals that are an outcome of the Syrian Sunni / Shia conflict. Unable to endure the murder of more than 200 000 Sunnis by Bashar al Assad, Sunni radicals planned to stop the slaughter as the world observed this genocide for 3 years without helping. Since Iran supported Assad, the next Islamic State target would have been Iran. Iran would have been obliged into another USA / Israeli manufactured war. Israel has begged the USA for a war against Iran. Ironically this type of subterfuge in global politics is common as the USA supplied both Iran and Iraq with weapons during the decade war in the 1980’s. Few Muslims knew that the Afghan jihadists were fighting the Russians with weapons supplied by Israel paid for by the Arabs and USA.

Problems arose after Islamic State went towards Turkey instead of Iran. This threatened Turkey, a key regional NATO ally. This is also not the first time that an imperialistic contrived war plan went haywire. Decades ago Hamas was allowed to succeed since its original onus was to destroy the Palestinian Liberation Army which helped Israel. Hamas succeeded and then recalibrated its aim towards Israel. Similarly Afghans were initially armed to fight the Soviets on behalf of the USA. After the defeat of the Soviets, Afghans turned on each other. This internal war in the end gave rise to the Taliban from which Al Qaeda emerged.

By navigating Islamic State into Iran and later defeating the Islamic State the USA could have claimed two victories. The defeat of Iran and Islamic State would further enslave the global Muslim community to the Arab royalty and elite and to the American and Israeli imperial project for many generations.

Ironically as long as Muslims do not follow the advice of the prophet Muhammed with special regards to political decision making, Muslims will continue to die at the hands of vicious dictators.

The Prophet warned us many times about being divided. The prophet also warned that our collective enemies will take advantage of our in-fighting and benefit themselves. For example, the Russians that destroyed Afghanistan now support Iran and the Syrians and the Americans that initially helped the Afghans later bombed them as well. The USA supports the Egyptian military dictator but bombs the Somali’s, Iraqis and Yemenis etc. when it suits them.

One day when Muslims realise that our enemies do not care if they kill Sunnis or Shias, Barelvis or Deobandis, Wahhabis or Sufis then by the grace and mercy of Allah we will be rescued from the futility of our own making.

In the words of the wise, history is not without irony and intrigue.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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