One of the great ironies of life is that some of history’s cruelest leaders claimed they were devout.

Example, Netanyahu of Israel claims to be a Jew. Germany’s Hitler practiced Catholicism and Saddam of Iraq claimed to be a Muslim. Together they inspired millions into warfare to kill innocent others?

Some Jews, Christians and Muslims forget that Moses, Jesus, Muhammed and others including Buddha embodied the divine wisdom. Genuine belief is not a ritual or ideology but a way of life.

Thus when we witness a political or religious leader claiming to follow Judaism, Christianity Islam etc. but seriously behaves in an opposite manner, then either he/she is a hypocrite or a charlatan.

Example, the Generals and Buddhist monks in Myanmar (Burma) responsible for killing and mass raping Rohingya Muslims, do not reflect the behavior of Buddha and are charlatans and murderers.

Those killing innocent people in Europe etc. in the name of Islam are charlatans and murders as they disobey the wisdom of the Quran and the advice and practice of Muhammed the emissary of Islam.

Similarly, religious and political leaders who inspire the waging of war in the Middle East in the name of Islam while hiding their tangible tribal and selfish intention are also charlatans and murderers.

Christians who massacred Jews by the millions in Europe over centuries and enslaved millions of Africans and others must know that these activities were not behavior inspired by Christ.

Zionists who destroy Palestinian homes and murder innocents by the thousands must know that they do not represent Moses and cannot be measured the legacy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Those who seek conflict knows that the Creator is not interested in petty tribal, racial and selfish materialism yet they inspire “words of war”. So called, Zionists, Crusaders, Jihadists and militias of any kind inspired by military and religious leaders to murder innocents will find no shade from the furious judgement of God. The God loved by Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and Muhammed dislikes murder.

In the words of the wise, the Creator commands truth and justice. Let those who seek to lead others politically or religiously, ensure that they are inspired by established truth and not selfish deception.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress



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