In due time Rodney Mazinter “Face up to reality” and Sydney Kaye “Don’t let Iran fool us” Tuesday April 14th will realize that we are all in the same boat and that those who plan, provoke and ensure global conflict to sell arms etc, do not care if they kill Jews, Muslims or Christians etc.

Studying the origin of the Taliban, AL-Qaeda, Islamic State and other radical groups suggest the active influence of the United Sates, the saviour of Israel is ironically always present.

Since the majority of the Muslim masses are ruled by autocrats and self-serving western puppets, ordinary Muslims question the support these regimes receive from so-called liberal democracies (Britian, France, USA etc). Since it is obvious that the liberal democracies will not allow democracy to flourish in Libya, Egypt, Palestine etc unless its programs are authorised, suffering is inevitable.

Contrary to global propaganda, Muslims like other people also desire peaceful co-existence and prosperity. Muslims in Cape Town are a typical example. We enjoy Sunday lunch and the afternoon drive along the coast. We want our children to be educated and benefit society. We pay rates and taxes to ensure quality municipal services and so on. We do not want our children to be victims of addiction or abuse. We want to practice our faith with mutual respect towards and from others.

Thinking Jews must recognise that Israel’s very existence in an ocean of Arabism and extremism is to incite enduring conflict. When Muslims and Jews fight, neither has peace nor can progress. This was part of the original plan of the pagan inspired materialists who hate any version of Abrahamic faith.

Israel must negotiate a unitary state solution with the Palestinians, just like we did in South Africa.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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