For decades CNN and BBC were global news leaders and often created public opinion. Al- Jazeera and RT News could not challenge CNN and BBC. That changed with President Trump, who branded CNN and BBC as fake news.

Trumps words were poison accusing President Obama and Hillary Clinton of creating the “Islamic State” across the Middle East and Africa and CNN and BBC of fanning the flames of this inferno.

Nowadays, while many hate President Trump for his opinion on climate change and his ability to sell weapons to dictator states, at least his Presidency has caused a rippling divide amid the global elite.

What ordinary people across the globe must realize, is that our global leaders cannot be trusted.

Every day, ordinary Africans and Arabs drown in the Mediterranean attempting to find a better life. Ironically, refugees attempt to flee towards nations whose leaders action corrupt deals with the leaders from where the refugees are fleeing from.

What is sickening, is that the same corrupt leaders regularly meet at Davos, at the G20 and at the United Nations where they allegedly discuss the sufferings of ordinary people as if the chaos that their corrupt actions cause, have little to do with the global suffering. These leaders talk and talk while ordinary people starve and wait with little hope in sight. The Palestinians have suffered for more than 50 years and so have millions of other refugees who have lived in camps for decades.

The wars in Iraq and across the Middle East is a direct result of American expansionism and its desire for global dominance. Before the USA exploited into the Middle East it was the British. Any historian can detail exactly why history is unfolding the way it is, yet none of the exploiters accept any liability.

The world remains as it was for centuries, a place where the merciless dominate and the weak suffer.  Example, study the history of North Korea to understand why its leaders are so paranoid. Do we know what the Americans did to these people a few decades ago?

In the words of the wise, study history accurately to have an informed opinion.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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