For decades before entry into politics, Donald Trump was and will intuitively remain a businessman.

For example, nobody can prosper in the New York property industry without understanding the influential and wealth Jewish property elite of New York. Also, nobody can operate and survive in the casino industry in New Jersey and Las Vegas without understanding the Italian mafia.

Thus, what is evolving in the USA political realm is simply smoke and mirrors. Deals are made in locations where media is forbidden and where the rest of us have no impact or value.

The “saber-rattling” with China and so on is a ruse and a security racket. Currently China is building military basis in the South China Sea while North Korea is launching ballistic missiles. Straightway Japan and everyone else in the region wants to speak to Pres. Trump about contracts and relations. Inescapably South East Asia will pay Pres. Trump for protection from bad-ass China and North Korea.

Likewise, Russia spanks Ukraine and NATO trembles. Some time ago Pres. Trump said NATO was a waste of time and why must the USA fight Europe’s wars. European leaders are already queuing to meet Pres. Trump to confirm security pacts to ensure the USA stays in the fight against Russia.

The Arab royalty who manage their nations like private fiefdoms are worried that Iran is gaining economic and military strength. The wealthy Arab elite want Iran minimized and need the US military presents in the Middle East. The Arab elite will pay a protection fee to the US to tune Iran. The Arab elite will continue to betray the Palestinians and fight each other for the sake of futility.  

Pres. Trump no longer needs the travel ban on refugees from the Muslim nations that Pres. Obama, Bush and Clinton bombed. That Trump tried is okay with his working class white fans who can now blame the courts that are packed with their key embedded enemy the “bleeding heart liberal judge”.

In typical mafia style Pres. Trump is going to shake down the entire world for a protection fee.

Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. Pres. Donald Trump is a master of deception, an unethical but a realistic radical rogue. His strategy, whilst rejected, must be admired for its audacity.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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