Trump is an unlikely hero

I am not a fan of Pres. Donald Trump but Pres. Trump did receive 78 million votes in the US election.

Thus, if Pres. Trump is impeached then ex Pres. George Bush Snr and Jr, ex Pres. Barack Obama, ex Pres. Bill and Hillary Clinton must also be impeached as instigators of war and mass murderer.

Pres. Trump only advised a march on Capitol Hill but other US presidents instigated mass murder.

Example, former Pres. George Bush Senior and Junior went to war with Iraq based on utter deceit.

Thousands of American soldiers died and thousands continue to suffer critical mental and physical trauma. Millions of innocent Iraqis were tortured and killed. The integrity of the Iraqi State was ruined to allow Iraq to become an extension of Iran. Iraq and Iran is the rebuilt “Persian Empire”.

The undemocratic Arab elite turned to the USA who amplified their presence in the Arab world at the expense of regular Arabs who have limited access to the wealth of their nations.

For military support from the USA, the Arabs elite, “betrayed” the Palestinian struggle.

The Arab elite are isolated from the 1.4 billion Muslims who support the Palestinians. A showdown between the Arab ruling elite and global Muslims is evitable. In the distance a Persian threat looms. George Bush Snr and Jnr did a superb job in creating and sustaining the “divide and rule” project.

For the elite’s power and glory, for oil and gold, millions of folks continue to suffer and die in misery

Peace in the Arab world is likely when the electric vehicles become cheap and reliance on Arab oil declines. Science is the answer to peace. Politics has failed as greed and not justice dictates terms.

Ex Pres. Bill Clinton must be impeached for bombing Afghanistan and Sudan. Clinton also introduced a Crime Bill that turned millions of Africa American into long term prisoners for minor crimes.

According to Pres. Trump, Hillary Clinton and ex Pres. Barak Obama created ISIS, who ruined Syria and Iraq etc. Obama and Hillary Clinton also ruined Libya looking for Qaddafi’s vast quantity of gold.

From what we know, Pres. Trump only killed an Iranian General and his back-up.

Qaddafi of Libya and Saddam of Iraq and others that the USA wanted dead could be assassinated. There was no need to ruin entire nations and kill millions, unless you actually enjoy mass murder.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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