Recently, on television a lady was interviewed regarding the protests in Eldorado Park. The woman stated that she was upset that she did not have a home and that her mother did not have a home of her own and that none of her adult married offspring had homes of their own. The lady interviewed, genuinely believed that it was government’s duty to give, herself, her mother and her adult offspring homes. It probably did not register with her that unlimited free state housing was an unrealistic world view.

Similarly, along the N2 coming into Cape Town in front of Walmer Estate, taxi drivers have taken it on themselves to convert the side of the N2 into a stop and drop. Since this is a very unsafe practice, traffic officials now spend time manning this stretch of road to stop taxis from this unsafe activity. Thus instead of employing traffic officials on the Cape flats to create a better flow of traffic, officials are forced to waste time and energy on monitoring stupid taxi drivers that refuse to learn.

In South Africa we have a problem with foolish people. Those unable to understand the reality of the world and then just creates their own reality must receive tough love if we are to progress as a nation.

People cannot continue to blame, Colonialism, Apartheid or racism for everything. At which point in life do they then accept duty for their own actions? Surely when people have kids they must know that they must feed, clothe and house the kids? Also the more kids they have the greater the financial duty will be.

It is thus imperative that regular people accept that the state cannot provide them with everything and that they must assume responsibility for themselves.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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