Justice required

Our latest crime statistics requires study.

When a million homes are invaded by criminals and 21 000 citizens are killed, it is obvious that we have a serious problem with our law enforcement and judicial system.

Since the Creator does not punish his creation because of his unlimited mercy, logic suggests that calamity befalls a people when that people move away from the Creators guidance.

What am I talking about?

During Apartheid, Christians and Muslims regularly prayed to the Creator to save us from the cruel oppression. Oddly after Apartheid, we elected people into power who defy the Creators guidance.

Example, the recent “edict” from our judiciary, forbade spanking one’s own kids. However, teens can use dagga. As a result, Cape Flats doctors now struggle with a massive increase in teen psychosis.

Parliament makes laws that help the worker but harms entrepreneurship. To survive, business mechanizes or outsources production abroad to avoid costly local labor.

The judiciary affirmed that property owners are liable for municipal debt incurred by tenants, like water, electricity, rates. However, when a tenant refuses to pay or vacate the property, the owner must pay legal costs and provide alternate housing while the tenant gets legal aid at taxpayers cost.

When intoxicated drivers injures or kills other road users, taxpayers cover the cost via the Road Accident Fund. We pay the family for loss of income and care for the injured. The intoxicated driver escapes all legal and financial penalty.

To grow an economy and develop social cohesion, society needs responsible citizens. This implies that our judiciary and laws must inspire the values that is required to establish that ideals.

Since our crime stats are increasing our nation needs the death penalty. We need drunk drivers imprisoned. Our judiciary must stop fighting divine law as agreed by the Abrahamic faiths.

We are not a first world European nation with European standards of living and civility. We must stop thinking that European norms on human rights for thugs will work in our crime-ridden nation.

Our judiciary must protect property rights and inspire entrepreneurship. Since the judiciary does not build houses or create jobs, it must act in the interest of those who benefit society in the long term.

We can talk about 16 days of activism or gender violence but little will change. The man who killed the student at the Post Office will perhaps serve 20 years completely at taxpayers cost.

Change will only come when we remove violent thugs from society or politicians who protect them.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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