Sometimes in life, against our best wishes and intentions, the inevitably of what must be, must be.

The ANC has opted to annul itself by not recalling President Jacob Zuma and allowed one man to ruin a liberation movement with an impeccable history of struggle and dignity.

Why do I have limited faith in a ANC week long policy conference? The answer is obvious in an account issued by the Auditor General of South Africa. Unauthorized, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure has increased dramatically to the tune of more than R16 Billion per annum.

Some state departments and parastatals have limited intention of rescuing themselves from the morass of corruption and maladministration. The situation is out of control where municipalities are literally run by predator consultants and the state paid officials have limited value in reality.

It is an indictment beyond believe that only the City of Cape Town received a clean audit in the past year. What in God’s holy name have municipal managers done to earn R2 to R4 million they receive as salaries per annum? What are the roles of financial directors who earn millions per annum?

Why are rate and taxpayers being abused in such an obvious manner? Why does the Auditor General have no powers to arrest and punish those guilty for what can only be described as strategic looting?

Recently I attended the Association of Public Accounts Committees (APAC) in Pretoria. At the meeting I witnessed firsthand the ineptitude. In a nation where kids starve, some leaders seek to spend R120 000 on decoration at a dinner.

Similarly, once again South African Airways has received a few Billion Rand for its ineptitude. The ANC continues to hire and reward incompetence.

Inevitably, 2019 is coming and perhaps only God Almighty can save the ANC from destroying itself.

The corruption, unauthorized, irregular, fruitless and wasteful expenditure, the maladministration must be stopped. If the ANC cannot do this on behalf of suffering South Africans, then it is better that the ANC stands aside and let those capable, do what is required to save the rest of us.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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