Recently at a televised meeting, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu informed the Chancellor of Germany that Hitler did not intend to massacre the Jews of Europe but wanted then to leave. According to Netanyahu a Palestinian visit to Hitler advised Hitler to initiate the Holocaust.

The German Chancellor instantly rectified the Israeli Prime Minister by stating that the German people accepted its historical part for the holocaust. After this obvious untruth of a global magnitude, Israeli and other Jewish scholars were in great pain in an attempt to rectify the lies that Netanyahu spoke.

Recently former Prime Minister of Britian, Tony Blair apologised for his part in the Iraqi invasion in which millions of Iraqi’s and thousands of American and British soldiers died. Ironically before the Iraq attack, millions of people in the USA, Britian, Europe and the world marched in unison against the attack on Iraq and Afghanistan. Even the CIA and other spy agencies warned Tony Blair and George Bush about the fantasy of weapons of mass destruction and the massive cost and possible outcomes.

Back then Tony Blair and George Bush ignored Nelson Mandela and the millions of protesting peace activists. Since then, Al-Qaeda evolved into the fanatical Islamic State created on the British and American war crimes of raping Iraqi men, prostituting Iraqi women and killing innocent kids. In Afghanistan, the Taliban remains strong and a decade of US imperialism has created the biggest corruption scandal in Afghan history from which only opium farmers and war lords continue to benefit.

Similarly while Syria burns, the USA and Russia are happy to bomb and assist others to kill as many Syrians as possible. At the same time some Europe nations have confirmed what many have known for decades. When it comes to human rights and freedom and so on, European nations talk the talk but do not walk the walk as the reception to fleeing Syrians exposed on global media. Nowadays the US and Russia are holding talks on the Syrian war where Bashar Al-Assad is held as a peace partner

The question is – what does Netanyahu, Blair, George Bush and Bashar Al-Assad has in common?

What we can all agree on is that all these men will do anything to retain power, collect private wealth and thus killing a few or millions of people are not an issue when the people threaten their agenda.

What also remains unanswered is why do the United Nations, the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the myriad of other humanitarian institutes do nothing to bring these criminals to justice?

What defines truth, justice and the moral centre when those liable for the death of millions remain free, what defines our global humanity and what makes these men special and beyond global law?

In conclusion, what is the difference between Netanyahu of Israel, Tony Blair, George Bush, Assad of Syria and Omar al-Bashir of Sudan who everybody was pursuing on his recent visit to South Africa?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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