Many people applauded but had no clue what Obama was planning when he spoke at UCT. When Obama vowed that the US would “not invest in strong men but strong institutions” few knew that he was arming the Egyptian military to overthrow a democratic government. When he damned those Africans who “sold off their nations resources, so long as they get a cut” he did not mention the military Generals who enjoy the choicest cut of the Egyptian economy. That the Egyptian military was actually working in the interest of the US and Israel comes as little surprise. In praising Mandela, Obama failed to recall that Mandela said “I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself”. The United Kingdom is exporting weapons to Assad in Syria while also arming the rebels fighting Assad. While complaining about the human rights abuse in Israel, Zimbabwe, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia and China, the UK sells military equipment worth billions to the same countries. The Kuwaiti royal family was so thankful for the toppling of an Islamic democracy; they sent $200 million in crude and diesel to Egypt. Along with other Arab royal families, they instantly pledged another $12 billion. Ironically while Jewish media headlines read “Removal of Morsi in Egypt a source of hope in Israel”, Al Qaeda also rejoiced the failure of the Egyptian Islamists. The experiment with democracy gave an alternative to their jihadist beliefs. Al Qaeda now has the moral high ground by confirming the hypocrisy of western states that declined to condemn the military coup. There are many other examples; in 1991 the Algerian military also annulled the democratic election which was won by Islamists. Like the Egyptian military, the Algerian military released a war of murder and terror. In 1997 the Turkish military deposed a democratic government. In 2006, Hamas won the Palestinian elections; this caused a boycott led by the US that continuous to destroy the Palestinian economy. Arab royalty and western materialists have joined hands to support the illegal regime in Egypt. The materialists supply weapons and the Arab royalty supply everything else. Both oligarchs sustain several wars in the region. In Afghanistan the CIA spent millions on warlords and politicians, many with ties to the drug trade and the Taliban; the same people whom US law enforcer’s and the Afghan state are fighting. Like Sicily in the 1940’s the US has left Afghanistan in the hands of criminals. While some conflicts are defined as ideological; in Syria and Iraq it is considered sectarian. In Libya it is reflected as tribal and in Egypt it is a mixture of absurdity and terror. With tacit consent from Arab and western oligarchs, the Pakistani and some Afghan Taliban are moving towards Syria to engage in a proxy Sunni war. Hezbollah, Israel’s most formidable enemy has moved from Lebanon to assist the Shia in Syria. Shia’s from Iraq has also joined the fight. No-one asks what happened to the Iraqi billions that were seized by the US from several US and Iraqi banks during the last Gulf war. After centuries of scheming by colonialists, materialists, Zionists, Islamaphobes and jihadists, Muslims have finally been steered into a “Muslim World War”. Courtesy of the global oligarchy and ignorance amongst Muslims, we will all suffer. On opposite sides jihadists shout “God is Great” while trying to murder their fellow Muslim. The prophetic warnings that forbid Muslims to fight each other, is ignored. When millions of Muslims have died, the Arab royalty and the jihadist will celebrate the defeat of Islam and democracy. The oligarchs {Arab and Western} will usurp the remaining resources of Muslims and life will continue. Oligarchs had a similar project in Europe; it was christened World War One and Two. By supporting an Islamic democracy the world could have dismantled jihadist terrorism. On several occasions, the world deliberately chose not to do so. Who really cares when Muslims are killed? Cllr Yagyah Adams Cape Muslim Congress

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