The age of deception

Politicians made retirement of a civil servant at 65 years. But in politics there is no retirement age.

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House in Congress is 80 years old. Pres. elect Joe Biden is 78 and Pres. Trump is 74 years. Is it okay that these elders should have access to a nuclear arsenal that can ruin earth when Pelosi is starting impeachment against Pres. Trump who claims that Pres. Biden has robbed him of an election? Pelosi called Pres. Trump “unhinged”. Pres. Biden called Trump a lunatic.

Social media blocked Pres. Trump but when Pres. Trump told the world that Muslims are terrorists and Africans come from shit-hole countries, USA and European political leaders were silent. Global and social media did nothing to stop Pres. Trump. Twitter, Facebook, Fox News and CNN etc. gave Pres. Trump endless coverage. Muslims and Blacks did not receive any empathy from any leadership.

Now, after a few “white activists” were stirred by Pres. Trump to march on Capitol Hill, USA and European leaders moan like children about the threat to democracy. These same leaders welcome a dictator like General Sisi who killed the democratically elected Pres. Morsi of Egypt. Where is the concern for democracy when the Arab elite kill citizens who seek democracy and service delivery?

Some media now blame “liberal fundamentalists” for subverting Pres. Trumps march and suggest these liberal agitators created the violent chaos that ensued at Capitol Hill in Washington DC.

Oddly, this “conspiracy theory” could hold truth. Years ago, British agents were arrested while dressed in Arab clothes on route to a Shia locality in Iraq. British agents intended to kill Shite citizens and blame the Sunni’s. Such actions ultimately did inspire the uprising that caused the Shia, Sunni civil war that ruined Iraq and gave Iran ultimate control over Iraq. Provocateurs are a useful strategy used by European, British and American agencies globally.

Why is it so hard to believe that provocateur operated on Capitol Hill in Washington DC?

Pres. Jacob Zuma stated that foreign agents were behind his removal. Pres Trump blames clandestine powers for his election loss. Oddly, since both leaders were devious, who believes them now?

White American now realize that Muslims and Blacks are not a “threat”. They are turning on their own deceitful political and economic leaders. The chickens ultimately come home to roost.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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