On Saturday night my family awoke at 11:45pm as the smell of smoke infiltrated the air in Walmer Estate. Since this was not our first dance with a mountain fire we instantly went to investigate only to witness a colossal fire consuming parts of Table Mountain. The fire stretch across what seems like the entire mountain side towards De Waal Drive directly threatening Walmer Estate.

I called JP Smith the executive Cllr for Safety and Security who actually answered his phone at midnight. He mentioned that though the fire had jumped the main road, everything and everybody was on duty to ensure the fire would be managed. He confirmed that should any homes be in danger the emergency units whom I saw patrolling would warn the residents of Walmer Estate.

This was a relief to neighbours who had visited the corridor separating Walmer Estate from the mountain. The efforts by the emergency units and fire fighters require acknowledgement as their bravery in a dangerous situation was commendable.

Centuries ago Muhammed the messenger stated that, while all of humanity is depended on God blessings, it is imperative that a rider ties up his camel, less the camels wanders off into the desert.

Residents of Walmer Estate were blessed that the wind blew in the opposite direction. We were also fortunate that the City of Cape Town emergency and fire departments have steadfast and diligent staff and volunteers.

In the words of the wise, those who are unable to show gratitude to other human beings are surely unable to show gratitude for the many favours of God.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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