This is the second Iftar {breaking of fast} that the Cape Muslim Congress has sponsored in the Mitchells Plain area. The previous Iftar was at the Mosque in Eastridge 0n the 27th of July and the Iftar of today was held at Masjidul Aashiq in Tafelsig.  The first picture (28) shows some of the men completing the recitation of the Quraan. Some present are Ismail Gamildien, Abu-Bakr Jacobs, Abdul Wahab Carriem and Riedwaan Scholl’s. Picture (46) shows Imam Abdurazak Nordien and Fouzia Botha. Some of the ladies that assisted with the preparation of the food are Gabieba Salie, Nazley Isaacs, Hafifa Hanslo, Faiza Petersen, Mareldia Bailey, Safeya Emery and Gadija van Rhenen.

As the sponsor and a resident of Walmer Estate which is located far from Tafelsig I particularly enjoyed the spirit and camaraderie among the people. I felt like I was part of a family where everyone wanted to help make the evening pleasant. I find that in many parts of this city Muslims are losing this fellowship. Muslims in so called leafy suburbs are isolated and rarely spend time together at the mosque. Tafelsig is fortunate to have leaders like Imam Abdurazak Nordien and Fouzia Botha. In Tafelsig like in Eastridge people know each other and connect even though they have less than those from the suburbs. In Tafelsig and Eastridge I observed the Islamic spirit of Ramadaan which I recollected from my younger days.

Cllr Yagyah Adams


Cape Muslim Congress



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