Globally when Muslims are killed the usual suspects are the Zionist aligned government of the United States complemented by some western governments. The Russians and others are never far behind. The Syrian conflict however, like the Iran/Iraq war is different since Muslims are killing each other for political reasons. On one side is the unjust Assad regime who is Shia on the other is the Sunni freedom fighters. While the Sunni Shia differences are historic and minutely ideological, in reality the variances are superfluous as both Shia and Sunni continue to suffer under autocratic leaders. Like other oligarchy, “Muslim politicians” have also mastered the art of abusing religion and ethnicity to generate politically motivated conflict.

That Assad is a Shia should be irrelevant to the fact that his regime is killing fellow Syrians and that as a member of a governing minority; his tribe dominates the majority with violence. By interpolating the conflict as Shia versus Sunni sectarianism, Muslims only harm themselves. Sectarian conflict provides Islamaphobes with evidence that Muslims are backward. This was best illustrated when Iraq invaded Iran with the full support of the West. Sunni Muslims supported Saddam even though he was the aggressor. That a Sunni tyrant was ruling a majority Shia populace was not considered. Instead of seeking reconciliation, the Sunni regimes helped Saddam. Saddam who ruled Iraq as an American Zionist proxy was eventually killed by the Shia whom he brutalised. Like a Tragic Shakespearean Comedy, the Shia was militarily supported by the same American/Zionist alliance, Saddam served.

Bottom line, as long as Muslims are killed, Islamaphobes celebrate. Currently in Syria, the Russians support the Assad regime while the West supports the freedom fighters. Religious scripture and volumes of conflict resolution material that was written by Muslim scholars, has been cast aside.

To avoid similar ethnic, religious and ideological wars that consumed Europe centuries ago, Muslims must embrace constitutional democracy with a federal system of governance. A faith based system of justice could be embedded into the constitution along with minority rights etc. Muslims must break free from the idea of a benevolent dictator and embrace political reform based on democratic ideals.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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