Human are truly strange creatures. Nowadays, almost every human culpability has been prescribed a scientific defense. It is obvious that we, humans, will do almost anything to evade blame for our individual activities.
For centuries, even before the Dark Age that consumed the world in an orgy of ignorance, when things went wrong, people simply blamed God. Some religious leaders explained that everything that occurs, ensues as a part of the Creators plan. Hence human action is a result of divine influence. So the notion of blaming God, excused mortal mischief. Other thinkers decided in would be more expedient to blame human malice on the existence of an inexorable evil. By blaming this pervasive evil, we exonerate human wickedness.
Since those who consider themselves enlightened and liberal cannot fathom the idea of “not being in control” the notion to replace God and his malicious evil counter-part with a scientific approach was generated. Lately the blame has fallen on “human nature”.
Example, drug, alcohol, gambling and other addicts are now shielded by scientific excuse that infers. Since some earlier unknown cerebral deficiency, chemical imbalance or so on, the addict is prone to addiction and thus not to be blamed for individual action. Thus God and the ubiquitous evil that transcends, embraces and influences human action has been minimized.
Consequently, we must consider who then, is liable for the action of students burning and looting. Is this part of a divine plan to awake society to the injustice of another generation denied education? Is the outcry a primordial reply to a loss of hope of a “better life for all”? Is the turmoil a declaration of a persistent evil hell-bent on sowing added ruin and disunity on a society that remains separated along ethnic and class divisions? Or is it, merely the liberal interpretation of human nature that has exceeded its limits in pursuit of individual benefit or ruin at any cost to the remainder of society?
In the words of the wise, our nation requires leaders that can ruminate intensely, where are they?

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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