The endless public infighting within the ANC has caused many commentators to express discontent with the relentless greed for position and power. An interesting narrative is that some are beginning to consider the national democratic revolution as conceivably a conjectural chronicle but not necessarily a practical outcome. Others believe that the underlying agenda of the struggle against the former ruling National Party {NP} was ultimately about the sharing of wealth, power and property between the ascending elite and the established elite. I considered this opinion when I read that a person of Cyril Ramaphosa’s calibre who I regarded as a future President, tendered R18 million for a single buffalo.

Consequently, I am interested to understand the historical connection between individual Muslims and the then, Apartheid ruling elite. Historically, organisations like the Muslim Judicial Council, the Call of Islam and the Qibla movement, instructed Muslims not to collaborate with the Apartheid State. Although this instruction was widely respected, a few individuals grew suspiciously wealthy during the last years of Apartheid. That a few Muslims, like Jews, Coloureds, Indians and Africans secretly and openly collaborated with the Apartheid state are now obvious. According to former NP politicians from whom I canvass info, a favourite scheme was to access licenses using out of town coloureds as a cover to establish liquor stores. While all Muslims were forcefully removed from Newlands Claremont, District 6 and Constantia etc. a handful were permitted to remain. Those who collaborated obviously used their connections to enrich themselves. As the Muslim community do not know who these collaborators were, I suggest that former NP politician who have evidence, come forward and identify those Muslims, Jews, Coloureds and Indians who benefited from their relationship with the Apartheid NP.

On the flip side of this narrative is another difficult discourse. Most Muslims could have but did not benefit from the old NP governments desperation in its dying days. To “win the hearts and minds of people” the old NP sought support thru the provision of affordable quality houses and other service delivery items. By obeying the historical Muslim leaders, most Muslims ended up with zero, even after the democratic dispensation. The influx of Africans from other province, which is seen to be accommodated first in terms of housing, is leaving a bitter taste. Poor Muslims like other Coloureds who have been on the housing list for decades have been left wondering what their input in the struggle was about. Similarly the expectations of many citizens have been shattered by the high levels of corruption in the democratic South Africa.

Because South Africa did not have a violent revolution, I suspect that there are elements within our society that continue to desire bloodshed. Perhaps our non-violent revolution {thank God Almighty} has unfortunatly contributed to the extraordinary levels of violence within our society.

Finally those Muslims, Coloureds, Africans, Indians and Jews who contributed to the survival of Apartheid thru collaboration, have quietly sat back to enjoy their illicit wealth. Biblical restorative justice and not revenge in this historical case demands that those who did not financially benefit from Apartheid on the basis of ethics and principal should know who collaborated. Today, nobody wants anything to do with Apartheid or the old NP. The plight of the white Afrikaner {which they brought upon themselves} is to carry this reprehensible and defenceless burden of Apartheid unaccompanied. Simultaneously members of other communities, who supported Apartheid, benefited without any accountability.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress

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