I have concluded that life is becoming progressively worse for the majority of people. While most people are in essence good but occasionally do debase things, I suggest that to protect and evolve society we must continue to separate, rehabilitate or permanently remove people from society who are unwilling or unable to adapt within reason. I have identified some critical social changes that is necessary to benefit the taxpayers specifically and society in general.

Drug addicts are ordinarily unemployable and exist primarily from crime. Addicts create chaos and economic loss and have the ability to destroy social relations. By criminalising and locking up the actual addict for being addicted to cocaine, heroin, tik, mandrax etc. communities will be safer and the narcotic supply chain will be severely challenged. Government would save billions on vandalism, theft, legal costs and the maintenance of an expanding and costly law enforcement network.

Pregnancies under 16yrs should be criminalized as the majority are deprived and are unable to maintain themselves or the baby. Incarcerating men who impregnate susceptible girls will reduce population growth amongst the vulnerable. This will save on extra education and housing costs etc. Protests on religious or cultural basis are superfluous as the saving to the taxpayer is foremost.

Intoxicated Drivers are killers according to statistics. Drunkards are responsible for most road carnage and deaths which costs billions annually. They are also responsible for wasting limited hospital resources, with a minimum 5yr sentence for intoxicated drivers; road carnage will be reduced.

Vandals destroy public property making facilities inaccessible in many townships. In the suburbs, the city spends less on vandalism and can afford to upgrade facilities instead of repairing. In parts of Mitchells Plain, officials are questioning the logic of fixing lights and toilets since those who vandalise are seldom reported. Should communities report vandals particularly those who target schools, the provincial education department may have additional funds to spend on educators in poorer schools?

The minibus taxi industry had decades to develop a clean, reliable and professional service. The industry remain belligerent with sporadic violence, had this industry organised itself and treated its patrons and other road users with respect, the costly MyCiti Bus would not be entirely necessary.

Politically connected officials cost the taxpayer billions as politicians often appoint unqualified friends and supporters. When the politician is replaced the supporters remains and are usually marginalized by the incumbent at huge cost. Since impartial and qualified officials are overlooked, they begrudge the political appointee, this poisons the workplace. Thus, political appointees and unqualified officials must be removed to create a politically free service delivery environment.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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