Obviously land stolen during Colonialism and Apartheid must be returned to its rightful successors.

The problem is that; media reports infer that livestock bought with taxpayer’s money for poor black farmers were stolen by rich black politician and others. That former Pres. Zuma, some Councillors and Royals benefited, is a danger. Since this blatant theft has been ignored, caution is required.

Example, what if land expropriated from food producing white farmers are not given to landless productive black farmers but instead given to the black elite like in Zimbabwe etc.? What safeguards do we have that productive land will not become derelict causing an increase in food prices?

A legal process must confirm that expropriated land will only be granted to landless black and brown farmers who will produce food. If politicians etc. can steal livestock, they can also steal land.

Already we witness the ongoing corruption and stupidity at ESKOM, SAA and other state enterprises. Why would land expropriation remain free of corruption.There is no benefit for the poor or anyone else when politicians who are unable to produce food remove a productive farmer and replace them with low productivity or with increasing food prices.

Similarly, last year, Post Office leaders told us they could manage the Social Development payments. Recent media reports suggested that the Post Office is on the edge of collapse after a workers strike. What kind of leaders lacks the foresight for an exigency plan and give guarantees they cannot fulfill? There is also partial value in getting too excited about restitution when the same politicians cannot return District 6, a few hectares of land, to its rightful owners, 24 years into democracy.

Research suggests that in a few years, most humans will live in cities. Food and not land will matter.

Most intelligent citizens desire a just resolve to land restoration, ironically nobody want to pay increased food prices. Genuine justice requires wisdom and not merely a chance to gain votes.

Cllr Yagyah Adams

Cape Muslim Congress


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