Our society has many challenges. A battle that must be won for society to become and remain sustainable is that of emotional maturity. We have been fortunate that our mineral wealth has kept our economy relevant. However, labor costs etc. is making the world less reliant on our minerals.
Thus, what must be achieved is a balance between our reality and what is realistically attainable.
While everyone agrees that we want the best health care, education, jobs etc. logic submits that we are not all equally deserving. Example, while we cannot blame a kid, parents who are disinclined to work cannot expect to send a kid to the same school as another who works, pays taxes and lives maturely. Only in a Hollywood movie is the socialist illusion of total equality possible. Across South Africa some believe that the illusion of a Hollywood lifestyle is likely as others must pay for them.
This delusional thinking is obvious when perusing the bank accounts of some school exemption applicants who lack integrity. How else can one explain why folk spend money on alcohol and food at expensive eateries as reflected on their itemized billing and then apply for fee exemption.
Likewise, why do women, who have kids, from different men, have no clue of the father’s location? Where are all the fathers and whose duty is it to explain to these women to think before procreation without genuine commitment? How must a kid emotionally adapt when the mother has no contact with the kid’s father or vice versa? Who will struggle with this potential “troubled teen” in future?
Abrahamic epistemology advices that we must, as individuals and as a collective, improve society. Question: Whose job is it to stop those who do not care, how their activities harms other people seeking to live sensible lives? Is it acceptable that people live impulsively and expect others to pay?
Cllr Yagyah Adams
Cape Muslim Congress
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